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What is an Examination Roll?

Examination roll is called hygienic, anti-bacterial and disposable covers used on patient stretchers.These products, which are used in all regions of hospitals, polyclinics, clinics and emergency departments and on all stretchers, are produced as anti-allergenic and designed for single use. It is often used for medical purposes, and these wraps should have certain conditions and features. Not every property meets these requirements.

Examination tablecloths, which provide convenience in medical examinations and medical interventions, should be changed after each patient, each examination and each intervention in terms of hygiene.

In order to facilitate the use of examination tablecloths, it is recommended to use them together with the examination tablecloth apparatus. This plastic apparatus is mounted on the examination table or on the upper side of the stretcher and the examination tablecloths are attached to this apparatus. It is much more comfortable to use this way. Thus, you can also evaluate them when ordering.Please examine the product carefully when creating an order. You can look at how many product contents of the rolls. We can supply as many rolls as you need.

Advantages of Examination Roll

The Examination Roll has many advantages. These rolls, which are generally used by the medical sector, provide many advantages to the people and companies using them. The general purpose of these covers where they are used is to keep the sleeping place clean and hygienic.

Recently, more and more methods have been developed against hygiene. Hygiene and sterilization have gained great importance especially during the epidemic diseases period. Thanks to these materials, hygienic products can be supplied in a short time.The examination roll is one of these products. It is often used in hospitals and clinics. The advantages it provides are as follows;

  • It is a disposable product.
  • It is quite practical and easy to use.
  • The prices are affordable.
  • Provides hygiene and sterilization.

It is often preferred thanks to the advantages it provides. Patient hygiene is very important. There are many hygienic materials used in this regard. The most used and consumed products from these products are these roll products. The prices are also quite affordable.

What is the Examination Roll Used for?

The examination roll is used for many purposes. It usually provides a lot of convenience in hospitals, clinics and practices. Which is used for the purpose of clean examination of patients and to keep them clean. It is a very advantageous method to protect against bacteria and germs.

Thanks to these rolls, personal hygiene is ensured. It is an anti-allergenic product.It prevents the spread of liquid thanks to the lower surface that holds the liquid applied under the examination tablecloths made of cellulose paper. The advantages it provides for many patients also differ.

Examination roll prices are also quite affordable. Usually wholesale order is provided. Wholesale orders are much more advantageous than retail. Special discounts are also provided. Quality is more important than price. These products must be of high quality. You can get detailed information about these products produced with the highest quality materials by accessing our website.

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